Event Report

2017.2 Kyunghyang Housing Fair in Korea

2016.12 Taipei Building Show

2016.2 Kyunghyang Housing Fair in Korea

2015.9  China International Exhibition wood industry 2015 held in Guangzhou

2015.9 KYUNGHYANG HOUSING FAIR 2015 held in Busan

2015.9 BEX Asia 2015 held in Singapore

2015.7 Shanghai construction exhibition

2015.6 Indonesia Build Tech

2015.2 Kyunghyang Housing Fair in Korea

2014.9   Furniture China 2014

2014.9   BEX Asia  Build Eco Xpo in Singapore

2014.08    ES BUILD                                                                                                             Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo

2014.02 Kyunghyang Housing Fair in Korea

We exhibited our wood board for 5 days.

There were so many people coming to our booth and, we appreciated so much.

Of course, HINOKI(japanese cypress) and SUGI(cedar) is often used in korean architecture and is popular in this country.

In the left picture, Far the most popular was the KEYAKI(japanese zelkova).

In japan, it is sacred wood used for japanese ancient shrines or temples.

Very complicated and mysterious wood grain.


In the right picture, It is our treasure, miracle wood.

The species is TOCHI(japanese horse chestnut).

It is hardly the opportunity that we, professionals, come across to that kind of wood with beautiful grain. Tons of grain is on surface regularly and is beautifully shiny in light.

This is why we call this one miracle wood.

2013.12 Hong Kong World SME Expo at Convention center

Thank you for coming to our booth!!

we exhibited our wood board for 3 days.

In Hong Kong, we had meaningful meeting with people in various countries.Also, we were interviewed by TV press.

Japanese wood had a high reputation by Hong Kong and China people.

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