About the Craftsmen

In order to produce pure solid wood boards, quality wood and excellent craftsmen, called "Takumi", are essential. Many unique and beautiful boards are produced by these craftsmen.

Infusing natural materials with spirit

The craftsmen who process pure solid wood boards in our company are truly genuine people.

They produce special order tables, low tables, counters, benches and shelf boards using pure solid wood boards.

One of our skilled craftsmen, with a profound knowledge of wood, says with a smile "Even dirty wood, left in a warehouse for a long time, is still alive. They can be made beautiful by polishing"

Processing pure solid wood boards requires the most skillful technique. The natural materials all have different cracks, grains, curves and holes. So processing should be handled with care, according to the type of tree. We sometimes need to fix damage caused by old natural disasters. The work of the craftsmen, Takumi, is to take full advantage of the qualities of the original materials. They work diligently. They confirm changes in millimeters by touching the wood with their fingers after each step of machine processing, and the final work is all done by hand. The numerous steps, each of which can take many hours or days, bring out the beauty of pure solid wood boards. Even in these days of production efficiency, skills which have been cultivated throughout history are still being passed on today.

Regarding the table legs, we still use traditional production methods. The assemblies are nail-less with no metal parts,  only wooden joining posts and fitted holes. This type of construction makes our products durable and attractive.

You can use pure solid wood boards for a very long time and feel the spirit of the craftsmen.

Old pure solid wood boards can be made new again with the care of a skilled craftsmen. With proper care, you can use them for many generations.

Expertly skilled craftsmen create unique products by taking advantage of the beauty of the wood itself. Each has it's own beauty, which leaves a strong impression. We are very proud that we can offer customers Japanese quality. Please feel the spirit.

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