Japan - the land of precious wood from ancient times

Japan has been blessed with large trees since ancient times, thanks to deep mountains with abundant water resources and rich soil. In Japan, we have one of the world's oldest wooden buildings, Horyu-ji, and the “Shinto” (Japan's original religion) tradition of big tree worship. Tree culture is an intrinsic part of Japanese society and the Japanese spirit. Tree culture is also a very important part of Japanese history. Therefore, pure solid boards, made from precious wood with their beautiful textures, have always been treasured for their rarity.

We have big trees that are hundreds to thousands of years old in Japan. These trees were used to build temples, shrines and castles, by Japanese who respected these sacred and beautiful trees. Later, tables built with pure solid wood boards were used for tea ceremonies and the art of flower arrangement. Pure solid wood boards have also been used for entrances and guest rooms in traditional Japanese homes as an expression of hospitality.

Japanese beauty for you

The Japanese forests are full of mysteries.

Blessed with rich soil and an excellent climate, Japanese forests have lived for thousands of years and we believe that they have affectionately watched our lives from generation to generation. For example, it is said that there are some Yakushima cedar trees older than 7 thousands years. Actually, there are few countries that have such old trees. As an island country, Japan has developed its distinctive culture and Japanese trees have developed isolated from the outside world. As a result of this isolation, Japan has many kinds of trees, .

Since the time of old Japan, when samurai and ninja were active, this wood was used to build castles, guest rooms and tea rooms in order to make human life richer. Now, just as then, trees still satisfy the human spirit. We are confident that the appreciation of wood is shared among Japanese people and people all over the world.

We are charmed by Japanese wood and hope to use our many years of experience to bring its beauty to international customers.

Japanese Wood, Eco-friendly materials

A unique characteristic of Japan is that there are over 100 kinds of trees. That's because the land of Japan extends far from north to south over varied climates. In addition there are excellent rivers and mountains. Because of this, Japan has become a land of multifarious trees.

We want to let you know that using wood in Japan is very eco-friendly. Forests account for approximately 66% of the total area of Japan. Third in the world after Finland and Sweden. In addition, we are required by law to replant trees after logging, which has kept the size of forests consistent even during the strong economic growth that lasted for over 40 years after WW2. In fact, logging is important to keep mountains healthy and prevent natural disasters. Using wood from Japanese trees is very good for environmental preservation.

Wood from other countries, Treasure of the world

We deal with wood from many countries around the world. We have wood from trees that grew in the deep of the Amazon, from the green lands of Africa and the frozen North. Each area produces its own trees. The colors, such as green, purple, black, brown and yellow and the textures are all very different from each other. Each type of wood is unique. We believe that you will be impressed by their natural shapes and textures. The treasures of the world, once in a lifetime.

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