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Show Room " wood information Shop : Sakura"

Processed pure solid wood boards / Dining tables / Table legs

1F Greenwave Building, 2-11, Nishigoudo, Gifu-Shi, Gifu, 501-0106, Japan

Open : Weekdays and Saturdays (closed Wednesday)

Closed : Wednesdays, Sundays and National Holidays

Board Warehouse "Itakura"

Products Handled

Over 6,000 boards in stock made from 80 kinds of trees from all over the world

Pure solid wood boards without coating

Finished pure solid wood boards

C/O Yamagata Industry, 1-3, Miyamachi, Ginan-cho, Hajima-gun, Gifu, 501-6019, Japan

Open : Weekdays and every other Saturday
Closed : Sundays and National Holidays

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