Company Information

Since our founding in 1918, we have dealt in wood products with a strong passion for the wood of Gifu, the land of trees. We have all realized the will of our founders; we have become wood connoisseurs. We always have 6,000 units of our 100 types of pure solid wood board products in stock, making us number one in the area. We have customers in Japan and all over the world. Thanks to our large inventory, we can offer competitive pricing. We also have many types of products in various sizes, giving our customers a large selection to choose from.

Head Office

Address 1-3, Miyamachi, Ginan-cho, Hajima-gun, Gifu
Phone +81-58-271-3111
Fax Number +81-58-271-3116
CEO Yoshiharu Yoshida
Established February, 1918
Registered August, 1974
Capital Stock 23,000,000 Japanese Yen


Branch Office

Seinou Branch

3994-1, Nodashinden, Mizuho-shi, Gifu

Gujo Branch

3-14-12, Hachimanchogocho, Gujo-shi, Gifu

Green Architecture Design Office

2-11, Nishigoudo, Gifu-Shi, Gifu

Show Room

Smart City

1-3, Miyamachi, Ginan-cho, Hajima-gun, Gifu

Wood  Information Shop :Sakura

1F Greenwave Building, 2-11, Nishigoudo, Gifu-Shi, Gifu

Agency Korea bureau

The Nice Korea Corporathion


TEL : 055-548-8811  FAX :  055-548-8822


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