About Us

The Yamagataya Lumber Shop, the predecessor of Yamagataya Industry, was established in 1918, almost one hundred years ago, by Jubei Yoshida.


From the deep mountains of Gujo, logs of Japanese cypress and cedar were rafted down the Nagara River to consumer markets in Gifu and Nagoya. The Gujo mountain area was blessed with good trees, massive numbers of large, high quality logs were produced. Later, the company built a lumber mill in Gifu, and began to deal in not only logs but also lumber.


In the early and middle years of the Showa period (1926-1989), almost all Japanese houses were built with wood and were of very poor quality, but that situation would later change. After WW2, during the reconstruction period, housing started to improve and we were very passionate about contributing to the building of comfortable houses for the Japanese.


As a result, we have grown into a total housing materials company to offer people better lives.


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