About the purchasing process

If you are interested in our pure solid boards, please contact us by email at greenhome@ymg-s.co.jp.  Corporate and individual customers are welcome. You can also visit our office or showroom.

1: Estimate

You can choose "Unprocessed raw board", "Processed board without coating" and "Processed board with coating". We will send you an estimate after you choose of the type of wood and the quantity.


Estimates include the shipping cost, which varies according to the size of containers, 40 foot or 20 foot. Mixed cargo shipping is also an option. In addition, shipping costs change according to shipping terms, which can be FCA, CPT or CIP, the destination country and the current rate of exchange.

2: Contract

We will draft a contract after you decide which products you would like to buy, based on the corresponding estimates. The contract will be signed by both parties. Please let us know if you require a certificate of origin and/or quarantine.

3: Shipping

Packed products are shipped to port, after customs procedures, by an expert forwarding agent experienced in handling lumber.


Our professional staff prepare all the necessary documents and forms required for customs procedures. You don’t need to worry about trade documents.

4: Payment

Please select the payment method.


(1) Wire transfer payment in full and in advance - Please transfer the total amount to our bank account. We will ship products after confirming payment.

(2) Irrevocable letter of credit trade - Please open an irrevocable letter of credit for the total amount of the trade in your favor. As soon as we receive your L/C, we will initiate the shipment of your order, after that we will submit the necessary documents to the bank and the settlement will be processed.

We usually require customers to make L/C trades. Our professional staff are familiar with the L/C process.

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