The land of trees, Gifu

Gifu prefecture is located near the center of the biggest island of Japan, Honshu. There are many beautiful mountains and rivers. 70% of the area is forests and popular, branded lumber is produced here, for use all over Japan. There are many people in the forestry industry in Gifu, which makes Gifu Japan's forestry business kingdom.

A notable recent trend in Gifu is the production of "pure solid wood boards". Gifu, where our head office is located, is Japan's top consumer of pure solid wood boards, so we sell pure solid wood boards from all over Japan, not only from the Gifu area.

In general, sales of pure solid wood boards and historic wood that is hundreds of years old, with the beautiful texture called "Meiboku", is declining throughout Japan, but sales in Gifu are actually increasing. It is believed that this is because of Gifu's location.

The CEO of our company is the representative director of the Meiboku Market Association. He has been actively contributing to public relations activities related to pure solid wood boards and Meiboku for a long time. He selects wood based on his long experience in the forestry industry and the wood is called "Japanese Premium Wood". We store all our products in our state of the art, climate controlled warehouse for our worldwide customers.  

Storing management technologies

We deal in all kinds of wooden products, including housing materials and pure solid wood boards. So the techniques for wood storage management are very important. Every one of us is highly knowledgable about the characteristics of wood, which is affected by humidity and other management techniques. We are very proud of our knowledge and management techniques.

For several years, we have been exporting pure solid wood boards all over the world, with a focus on Asia. The condition of each pure solid wood board is different and needs to be managed differently. This makes the exporting process so difficult that we have few competitors. Thanks to our management techniques and transportation know-how, we are pioneering pure solid wood board exporting. We are also sharing the concept of Japanese beauty.

Processing and design technologies

There is no shortcut for processing wood into pure solid wood boards. It takes quite a long time. We manually process and paint each board according to it's particular condition, with continual fine-tuning after each step. The passion and techniques of Japanese craftsmen, together with the beauty of the materials makes for one unique product. It is the ultimate.

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