About Itakura

What is "Itakura"?

Itakura is a brand of the housing materials company "Yamagataya Industry", which has a history of over 100 years. We are wood professionals dealing in Japanese wood and wood from all over the world. Itakura provides professionally selected, pure solid wood boards, from over 100 kinds of trees, to it's worldwide customers.

About our pure solid wood boards

A pure solid wood board is a single plank from a tree that has not been composited with other materials. Tables and other furniture can be built with pure solid wood boards.


Generally, pieces of composite wood covered with veneer sheets are used for furniture and housing materials. Using pure solid wood boards is very rare, because the amount of boards that can be made from one tree is extremely small. Each board has it's own unique texture.


Pure solid wood boards may have been born during the age of ninjas and samurai, these trees are still alive today in virgin Japanese forests. 


We hope you can feel pure solid wood boards breathing around you. Owning something with such a long history is the ultimate status symbol.

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