We have developed Japanese solid wood products finished with “Aizome” dying or “Urushinuri” lacquer which are Japanese traditional craftsmanship getting high reputation all over the world.

Aizome” or “Urushinuri” are not just paintings, traced back to its roots, those are natural painting technologies that have been familiar

with our ancestors for hundreds to thousands                                 of years.     


In addition, Japanese wood tend to have fine wood grain called "Tamamoku“ which means gemmy grain.
They are appeared rarely only in wood of more than 300 years old, and the grain has a mysterious power to attract people who saw it.
Tree having "
Tamamoku“ grain, has jewel-like precious value beyond the value of a tree.


These are God's creations which any human hand is not applied, so it will be also the design as it is.


I believe strongly that these single plates of Japanese solid wood are suited contemporary design.



MUKU DESIGN FAIR  at  Yamagataya Industry Co.,Ltd (Head Office)

The date and time: 2016.June 2(thu)~4(sat)


We prepare for many pure solid wood boards and Painting products.

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